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Communication with the other side.

Shane has communed with spirits of people that have long since left our world. Not all spirits wish to communicate with the living, but when they do, Shane can usually hear them.
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Personal Counciling.

Taking control of your own personal health and inner-peace is imperative to a good life. If there are any questions you may have regarding your mind, body, or soul, seek out Shane's help.
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Readings: Personal or Groups.

Shane has experience in personal 1 on 1 spiritual readings as well as readings in group settings. See how Shane can enlighten your situation. Contact him today!
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Paranormal sightings, "hauntings", and more.

Shane can often communicate with the other side in your home, business, or workplace. If you have seen, heard, or felt anything abnormal, he can help and often cure or resolve the spiritual tension.
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Are you missing a friend or family member?

Shane has been known to create a bridge for conversation with loved ones that are recently missing or passed on. See if Shane can help you find who you are looking for.

Shane can come to your home, work, or place of business and get you the full story. Schedule a house call by contacting Shane via the “Contact” page today.

Shane has helped with several investigations in Colorado since the 1980’s. helped Sheriffs’ Departments find missing children. Unfortunately, even those who have been murdered.

If you are interested in connecting with Shane, please send him a quick email describing your situation and we will be in touch right away.

Shane Smith: Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant, Lightning Strike Survivor